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Types of Authorization in Medical Billing particularly Workers Compensation Billing

Workers’ compensation medical claims are processed manually, unlike most other health insurance policies. Greater attention to detail is administered by the plans to make sure that the treatment received is work-related and injury-specific.

Once the insurance carrier has received the request for authorization, they then have between five and 14 days to either authorize or deny the treatment. If they fail to authorize or deny the treatment within the 14 days, then the treatment is deemed authorized.

If a worker’s comp claim is denied, we can help with the appeal process – we will stay on top of it, see it through and if at all possible, get it paid.

There is no book written, no website that exists anywhere that can address the shifting and complex nature of Worker’s Comp Billing and Collections. That is why over the last 25+ we’ve built the best team in the industry, provided them with the very best tools, training and systems so that they can excel.

If you or your staff have billing questions that relate to Worker’s Comp feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help – (949) 863-0022 or use our contact form.

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