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Worker’s Compensation


There are many workers’ comp billing companies but only one MBC Systems: will make you more money.

Are Workers Compensation Insurance Companies denying your bills, or simply not responding at all?  We can help.

The Worker’s Comp Billing Dilemma:  

Workers’ comp provides coverage for medical treatment, wage replacement benefits, vocational rehabilitation and other benefits to employees who contract an occupational disease or are injured on the job. One expert estimates that workers’ comp claims comprise 2-3% of all medical spending.

If you’re a doctor practicing medicine and interacting with the Department of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) you’re all too familiar with coding errors, reimbursement delays, missed lien filings, drawn out denials, and improperly inflated perceived income.

Dealing with these hassles aren’t why you got involved in medicine, and they make it harder to serve your patients. It seems like you could spend your whole day in the minutiae of billing and collections.

The MBC solution:

The answer is to outsource your medical billing to the workers’ comp billing experts: MBC Systems (Medical Billing & Collections Systems)

  • Our expert teams, one for each segment of the process, will increase your income and reduce time to payment
  • Our dedicated legal team has years of expertise and experience with workers’ compensation cases and keeps up to date on the frequent changes in workers’ comp legislation.
  • We are a billing company who does collections, not a collections company that does billing. Our focus is on coding accuracy and timely prevention.
  • Our internal processes are under constant review and improvement. Our goal? Excellence and continued market leadership in the medical billing and collections space.

Unlike our competitors, MBC Systems provides medical billing and coding paired with collections in the most complete Revenue Cycle Management solution available to health care providers of various sizes and specialties. This is what makes us the leading workers’ compensation billing and collection company in California. Call us at (949) 863-0022 or use our contact form to change the medical billing equation in your favor.

Testimonials on our Worker's Compensation Billing work:

Our first testimonial is from a large Orthopedic Surgery clinic, Cambridge Medical Group in Downey, California.

Workers Compensation Billing Testimonial 01

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"It is a privilege to write this reference letter for Medical Network Inc. (MBC Systems). MBC Systems has been doing the billing and collections for my offices since March of 2006 and they continue to do so to date.

MBC Systems is a wonderful company with great integrity and dedication to getting the job done. Medical Billing & Collection Systems has always been there with answers to any of my questions; while keeping my collections consistent and always apprising my staff of any billing updates that would affect my offices.

I highly recommend this company for any of your billing needs, you will not be disappointed. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me."

Respectfully, Steven Nagelberg, M.D.
Cambridge Medical Group
Downey, CA 90241

Our second testimonial is from an Orthopedic Surgery Center that is focused on Sports Medicine and is located in Anaheim, California.

Workers compensation billing testimonial 02

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"I have been working with MBC Systems for 20 years. They have been an integral part of my business. MBC Systems is great at what they do. They have been extremely helpful in all aspects of billing and collecting - from making up billing sheets to coding for procedures - they are knowledgeable and efficient.

The billers and collectors have always been extremely professional and do an excellent job. They are always available and respond to any questions we have in a timely manner. I couldn’t be happier with the service they provided me over the years."

Todd H. Katzman, M.C.
Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine
Anaheim, CA 92801

Our third testimonial is from a Physical Therapy group in Santa Ana, California.

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"I am honored to write a letter of reference for MBC Systems, which has been our Medical Billing company for over 20 years. We are high-volume Physical Therapy group with several therapists and multiple locations. MBC has been able to handle our large account and our fast growth with no bumps or problems over the course of our relationship.

They have systems in place to ensure easy transfer of information and they get my bills out the door correctly and quickly. Our cash flow is stable, our patients are happy, and we are thankful to have found such a great company to assist us with our billing and collection needs.

All the staff is kind hearted honest professionals, and their honesty and caring personalities goes a long way. You won’t be disappointed with MBC Systems."

Michael Weinstein
Southern California Sports Rehabilitation
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Worker's Comp Billing: it's complicated! Couldn't you use expert help?

We know, we get it, we're right there with you: Worker's Comp billing is a constantly moving target that demands a never ending study of changes to laws, regulations and insurance industry procedures. In an effort to demystify some of the Workers Comp terminology we'll be adding to this list of terms on an ongoing basis. Questions? Contact our expert staff - (949) 863-0022 or use our contact form.

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It's right there in our name: Medical Billing and Collections

Over the years MBC has developed sophisticated work flows for our specialty clients that see patients and need to do worker's compensation billing and coding and, of course, worker's comp collections.

Workers Compensation Billing And Collections Experts

The California legislators have been very active in recent years with the passage of Senate Bill 863, Senate Bill 1160, Assembly Bill 1244 and 2503 among others.

We have dedicated staff that are experts with new legislation application as well as the new fee schedules, bill review and independent bill review processes.

Requests for authorization and the many timelines now associated with the billing and collection process require highly educated staff to ensure optimized collections.

MBC understands not only the medical legal side of the workers compensation process but we have a firm grasp on the operational workflows necessary to comply with all the regulations.

Combined these make us the compelling choice. Click here to request a consultation.

Workers Compensation Debt Collection: the industry's hidden secret

This is where MBC (Medical Billing & Collections) Systems really distinguishes ourselves from our competitors: Workers Compensation Collections.

If you need help with Workers Comp Billing one call will solve it all 1-949-863-0022. Not all Workers Comp Billing Companies are the same, we'd love to show you how.

Workers Comp Collections: not all companies offer collections but WE do!

Medical billing companies are a dime a dozen but medical billing companies that do collections are much rarer and medical billing companies that do collections AND understand the intricacies of Worker's Comp are rarer still.

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