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Medical billing & collections experts for over 25 years, we can help physicians navigate billing complexities such as CPT Codes 99080 & WC007. We have a proprietary, modular system of highly-experienced U.S.-based personnel supported by the best computer-based systems available, and are the market leader – (949) 863-0022.

We serve Orthopedic Surgeons, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Pain Management Doctors, Internal Medicine Doctors, Outpatient Surgery Centers. Our entire business is based on increasing your billing revenue by eliminating coding errors and lowering claim rejections rates.

It all starts with an assessment: call now and get started with our Revenue Cycle Management team. With MBC Systems you get two companies in one: we do medical billing and coding but we also do medical collections.

Have questions about medical billing or collections? Call the experts at MBC Systems - (949) 863-0022

If you’re doing your practice’s medical billing, you know that your bottom line depends on all your coding and paperwork being just right. Your job is complicated by the fact that many Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes are eliminated or revised each year. At MBC Systems, our dedicated legal team has years of expertise and…

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