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Orthopedic Medical Billing

Orthopedic Medical Billing: MBC Systems has the experience

MBC Systems is a medical billing company that has been providing Orthopedic Medical Billing for over 25 years. We understand the very specific needs of orthopedic surgeons medical billing, that you work long and odd hours and can be called in to the hospital for emergency surgeries due to car accidents and other accidental traumas that can lead to surgery.

We know that you need to depend on your medical billing company so that you can focus on delivering the work.

"The bottom line is this: we help our clients understand current legislation and create operating workflows to help them get paid, and we are on top of the changes and there are a ton of them."

We know that as an orthopedic (or orthopaedic) surgeon you will examine patients, educate them on their condition, and then determine the best treatment plan for that disease or injury, which may include medication, exercise, or surgery.

With work this complex its no doubt that you should be fairly compensated and that’s where our medical billing expertise will come in handy for you. What good is billing if it’s not correctly coded? You may never get paid or it may be severely delayed for lack of the proper coding knowledge.

We take the same approach to medical billing as you have done to medicine: specialization. We understand the gap between the performing a surgical procedure and collecting what is due and we’ve developed a modular system of division of labor and training that makes our team the best in the orthopedic billing industry.

We understand that single letter or number changes to the CPT Codes can change the entire characteristic of the procedure and thus its compensation. Bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles are your specialty, the proper representative CPT Codes are ours.

  • “0” indicates a medical procedure
  • “P” specifies that they’re bones of the upper body
  • “Q” indicates that the procedure is a repair

We have seen your margins tighten as there have been changes in the insurance and medical care marketplace and we realize that accurate, timely billing is more important to doctors and their practices than ever.

We know that, when procedures change, when codes change, when reimbursements change, that its hard for any billing team to stay on top of those changes in a timely way. Before these affect your bottom line you should hire a medical billing company like MBC Systems.

If you’ve got an orthopedic surgery practice and you want expert orthopedic medical billing to compliment it contact us to schedule a meeting - (949) 863-0022 or use our handy request a call form.

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