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Medical Collections

Medical Collections: billing is great but are you collecting?

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The world of medical billing is filled with billing-centric firms for whom medical collections are a secondary concern. At MBC Systems we believe this thinking to be woefully incomplete.

As medical collections specialists, we understand that while proper billing and coding is mandatory to ensure complete and timely reimbursement, collections is the cornerstone of revenue cycle management. That’s why our full name is Medical Billing and Collection Services.

Our Approach to Medical Collections: how we differ from other medical collections agencies

Our solution is an end-to-end RCM process in which each step has been broken out, compartmentalized, studied, and perfected. We are constantly refining our work flows, incorporating the latest software tools with expertise in the latest regulatory legislation. The result? A one-stop shop for all your medical billing and collections.

Yes, ALL. That includes workers’ compensation billing and collections. Coding errors, reimbursement delays, missed lien filings, drawn out denials, and improperly inflated perceived income could be in your rearview mirror. MBC Systems understands not only the medical legal side of the workers’ comp process but we have a firm grasp on the operational workflows necessary to comply with all regulations. We partner with our clients to streamline their in-office compliance so they can outsource the rest of their billing and collections hassles to us.

To be frank: our goal is to get and keep your practice OUT of collections. What really sets us apart is our 90-Days to Zero AR program. Our approach here is to follow the Hippocratic oath: first do no harm. We properly code your billing to keep you out of collections in the first place.

We couple this with an aggressive collections push and, where appropriate, a write-down of debt that cannot be profitably pursued. We will even go to court to make sure liens are paid when necessary. There’s a reason that our customers are loyal to us: we deliver.

Of course there are dedicated medical collection agencies but with MBC you get the best of both worlds: a medical billing company and a medical collections agency under one roof.

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