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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Question: What kind of practices can you help and who can you NOT help?

MBC Systems: We specialize in helping Medical Doctors and specialists with their billings and collections. Here are they types of doctors we specialize in: Orthopedic Surgery, Allergist, Pain Management, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, General Surgery, Family Medicine, Physical Therapy, Podiatry, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Dermatology, Laboratory, Cardiology.

NOTE: **We do not specialize in Chiropractic, Dental, Durable Medical Equipment, Dermatology, Drug Rehab, Ophthalmologists, Pharmacies, PHP/IOP Facility, Psychology or Psychiatry practices at this time

Question: I'm looking for a medical biller for a physician, internal medicine practice. I am his Medical office manager. This is a single doctor practice.

MBC Systems: That’s our bread and butter. We are primarily an internal medicine/orthopedic Billing and Collection entity.

Question: How does the process work in terms of getting started?

MBC Systems: Generally we ask you if you want to set up an appointment, but many times we can answer your simple questions over the phone and that will help you decide, if you’d like to schedule an appointment. If you give us your email we can send you packet of information that was as well that details our company, process and contains examples of our work.

Question: Is there a setup fee for your Medical Billing services?

MBC Systems: We have no setup fee. We do have a one-year contract, and our main goal keep your business, and most of our clients have been with us for 3 plus years. The truth is that we are very confident: Doctors rarely leave after they come. For example, we recently had a client where we got the orthopedic surgeon, and he later gave us his MRI business, because we did such a great job with his orthopedic billing/collections.

Question: Do you have references from other Doctors, Surgery Centers, etc. that we can see?

MBC Systems: YES, we have a lot of references for you. People usually say we're pretty good at what we do, we don't outsource anything to other countries, everything's here, we're located in Santa Ana. We learned this the hard way, by outsourcing our medical billing ourselves, ten years ago, and then pulling it back for inefficiencies and inability to control the workflow.

Question: Do you guys handle wound care? Our doctor specializes in internal medicine but also offers wound care.

MBC Systems: We are absolutely familiar with wound care. We've been in the medical billing, work comp and medical collections business for over 25 years. There is literally nothing we haven’t seen. This is what allows us to be a stand out firm in the medical billing industry and why we call ourselves “concierge medical billing”.

Question: How do we get the billing information to you?

MBC Systems: You can get us the information one of two ways - If you guys are old school, we can have a courier come to your office daily, weekly if your office is still on paper. So, we could do courier type of thing, where you send super bills and copies of the insurance cards and reports, and it'll come every day or once a week or whatever frequency you want. Or if you are scanners and technology savvy, you can scan your billing right into Laserfiche, so it will get billed that day. So basically our billers have dual screens, so it cuts the turnaround time in half. This second method is paperless, so you scan billing, you scan your payments, you scan correspondence, everything is stored, backed up searchable.

Question: Once the billing has been done do you do follow up with payments? How does that work?

MBC Systems: YES, we have a full-time Collection Manager who works very closely with the collection department, and our clients, to make sure all accounts are followed up on timely, accurately, and patients are billed appropriately. After the claim is billed, it goes into a portal for the collectors to work, to follow up with the insurance, once the patient portion is determined, the statements go out electronically. We take all those calls, we walk the patients through their statements, so it's pretty transparent to them that you even have a billing company working on your behalf. We have an 800 number on your statement, so everything flows very smoothly.

Question: Regarding billings that have gone past 90 days, are you able to help us with and manage all that for insurance?

MBC Systems: If it hasn't been billed, yes. If it's been billed that makes it a little more difficult. We usually don’t like to take billing that has been done by another Billing Company, unless it’s unbilled. We like to make sure we handle the workflow from start to finish, to ensure efficiency and accuracy.

Question: We have one biller, but she's retiring and struggling to keep up with the billing, collections, changes to the laws, etc. How would the transition go?

MBC Systems: We would start by having her close out what medical billing she has. If there's anything unbilled you can always send it to us. But usually she should be able to close out what she already has. If you have a handful of accounts that we need to move in to our system we can. Like for example, if there's a patient on a payment plan for a thousand bucks, and she's paying $100 a month and she still owes $900, we can move that $900 into our system and continue to bill her. We're very reasonable in that way too.

Question: We have contracts going through the credentialing. Do you guys do that at all? And how much do you charge for getting credentialing or contracts with insurance companies? I’d prefer someone who's just a lot quicker at it than I am. We are looking to contract with Blue Cross, United Healthcare, Cigna, Blue Shield, Aetna, Medicaid, and Noridian.

MBC Systems: You said the doctor's new? Yes, we do do that, we're very good at it and we charge $100 an hour for credentialing work. We help you make sure that the doctor is credentialed with all the payers, PPO provider and Medicare and everything. We are happy to and we can always negotiate a program that will work for you.

NOTE: we ONLY do credentialing as part of contracted billing services!

Question: Do you know how many hours that credentialing work will take? We’d prefer a set price, where a certain contract versus an hourly cost. The hourly cost seems a little hard to follow at the end of the day.

MBC Systems: The problem with credentialing is that the exceptional or edge cases that can throw a fixed price estimates off. Right now we have an orthopedic surgeon locally and we're credentialing him. Unfortunately he had some kind of issue with a previous payor, which is now affecting the credentialing process. Our top credentialing expert has been with us for 20 years, so she handles that, she's very conservative with the her time. Ideally it's something that you can handle on your end, that's always preferable, but we can definitely do it, but it is hourly. Just because it can go so many different ways, it's a very time consuming process as you know, tedious, and requires a lot of specialized knowledge about credentialing that we have on staff.

NOTE: we ONLY do credentialing as part of contracted billing services!

Question: I’m sure that the Doctor will want to sit down, face to face, to review all of this, it’s very important to him.

MBC Systems: You can always come see us. We have an open door policy with all of our clients. I’d be happy to introduce you to our team, many of whom have decades with us and whom you’ll be working with on an ongoing basis and you can always come here if you wanted to see our facility as well.

Question: I'm calling on behalf of a family practice office in Orange County, and we are looking for a medical collections agency. We're a smaller office, but we still needed an agency to go with. So do you guys have a minimum?

MBC Systems: we're a full-service billing company meaning that, with us, you would be outsourcing the entire billing and collections process. We don’t have a “collections only” service at this time. We have been doing this work for over 25 years.

Question: What is the fee for that?

MBC Systems: We charge a percentage of collections. The billing total has no impact on our fee’s. We have doctors who will bill 10 times fee schedules, which is why we only charge a percentage of what we collect. Say we bill $100,000.00 and we collect $6,000.00 that month, we would charge a percentage of the collection total.

Question: It is very hard in a small medical office sometimes to get compensated by the governmental agencies. It seems like they're constantly coming up with new regulations, hoops that you have to jump through and if you don't jump them all right, they'll either pay you and want to recollect later or other complicated scenarios.

Answer: As far Medi-cal, Medicare, and other government subsidiaries, it's a very, very clear process of what you have to do upfront, in order to be paid timely. If the office staff is given the tools, and knowledge, of what to do, before the patient is seen, that makes all of the difference. We do a lot of provider training after we take over, because we find that the doctor's offices aren't doing it right. So, we will be very vocal as far as what's happening on the front end, because that has to do with all of our success on the back end. We'd have to kind of see what are the doctors doing, what is he billing for, how are they billing. We take a look at your codes, we make sure that the correct modifiers and CPT codes are being used.

A lot of times we'll take over and we find the doctor’s billing totally outdated. It's an office by office analysis that needs to be done so that we can get to know your current billing process. We start to see things as the EOBs and the miles come in and then we're very proactive as far as getting you guys to fix it or do whatever needs to be done during eligibility or the like.