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The Hidden Payoff in Labor Code LC 5402

Need help navigating labor code compliance? Call MBC (949) 833-0022

Need help navigating labor code compliance? Call MBC (949) 833-0022

One simple question can mean the difference between getting paid on a workers’ compensation claim or not. Under LC 5402, when attempting authorization on a workers’ comp claim, always ask if the claim/case is accepted, denied or still in discovery. If the insurance company has not decided to accept or deny the claim then provider can treat the patient without authorization.

Here is the actual code:

(C) Within one working day after an employee files a claim form under section 5401, the employer shall authorize the provision of all treatment, consistent with Section LC5307.27, for the alleged injury and shall continue to provide the treatment until the date that liability for the claim is accepted or rejected. Until the date the claim is accepted or rejected, liability for medical treatment shall be limited to ten thousand dollars ($10,000).

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