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Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) Billing

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) have been growing in popularity in an effort to expand health care access and efficiency to patient populations that need only a non-hospital environment for their prescribed surgeries.

Ambulatory Surgical Centers, also known as “outpatient” or “same day” surgery centers, typically focus on treatments such as cataract surgeries, certain specific knee (knee arthroscopy) and ear surgeries (myringotomy with tympanostomy tube placement),  colonoscopies and other surgeries that don’t require overnight patient stays.

Ambulatory Surgical Center (outpatient) Hospital (inpatient)
Care up to 23 hours Care up to and over 23 hours
Reduced Costs Higher Costs
Lower infection rates Low infection rates
Patients are often otherwise healthy Patients with wide range of health status

While most often run by physician’s who can both refer and operate on patients these “surgicenters” are generally non-hospital based facilities that are or seek to
become Medicare and Medicaid certified.

But with doctor ownership comes a host of challenges, primary among them medical billing. , coding , and Follow up Owing to its inherent complexity and ever changing regulatory/legal environment medical billing for surgery centers can quickly become an Achille’s heel for your surgicenter.

The ownership of ASC’s breaks down as follows per the ASC association survey 2017.
Physician ownership: 64%
Hospital ownership: 3%
Corporate ownership: 4%
Physician/Hospital: 24%
Physician/Hospital/Corporate: 1%
Physician/Corporate: 4%

MBC Systems has decades of experience providing surgery center billing. Our experience means we understand the unique set of challenges that surgery centers face because we’ve seen it all before and developed strategies and procedures to address them.

We know the complicated surgery center billing codes, rules and terminology. We work with all doctors, staff and management to improve your reimbursement rates and lower rejected claims. The bottom line is a more profitable practice, one where the medical billing is under control.

Call (949) 672-0022 or use our handy Request a Call form to schedule a consultation with your MBC Systems.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Ambulatory Surgery Centers -

  1. What is an ASC facility fee? Facility fee is the bill for the Operating Room, supplies, bed, booties, etc. when a patient has a surgical procedure. The facility fee is designed to pay for the use of the ASC, including Nursing, Technician and related services; diagnostic or therapeutic services or items directly related to the provision of a surgical procedure;  administrative, record keeping and housekeeping items and services.
  2. What is the official definition of an Ambulatory Surgical Center? The Medicare Carriers Manual section 10.1, defines an ASC as a distinct entity, operating exclusively to furnish outpatient surgical services.
  3. What is the difference between an ambulatory surgery center and a hospital?  ASC is outpatient, meaning patient is in and out, does not stay the night, as a patient would stay the night in a hospital. Ambulatory care refers to medical services performed on an outpatient basis, without admission to a hospital or other facility. Ambulatory care is provided in settings such as dialysis clinics, ambulatory surgical centers, hospital outpatient departments, and the offices of physicians and other health professionals.
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