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Your Concierge Medical Billing
& Collection Service

Call us at (949) 863-0022

Your Concierge Medical Billing
& Collection Service

Call us at (949) 863-0022

First pass claim rate
Million claims submitted per quarter
Reduction in days in A/R
Increase in collections


Founded in 1993, MBC Systems provides medical billing services and comprehensive revenue cycle management solutions to healthcare providers of various sizes and specialties.

We utilize the latest technology to simplify medical office management and improve cash flow. Our workflows strengthen the link between physician and patient by eliminating billing errors and successfully navigating complex insurance claims. As a result, our clients experience fewer delays and denials, and improved revenue.

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We work with our clients to increase work flow efficiencies and ensure compliance with federal and state regulations. Our goal is to provide accurate billing and improved cash flow so our clients can focus on what they do best, provide quality care to their patients.


Our use of an integrated strategic approach in conjunction with a knowledgeable staff and precise work flow management has empowered us to maximize accuracy and productivity in billing insurance companies, thus generating optimum results.

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1809 East Dyer Road, Suite 311
Santa Ana,CA 92705
(949) 863-0022
949-863-0023 - Fax
Service Area:
Los Angeles
Orange County
San Diego
& all of California

We bill it. You get paid.

1809 East Dyer Road, Suite 311
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(949) 863-002