About MBC Systems

Founded in 1993, MBC Systems provides medical billing services and comprehensive revenue cycle management solutions to healthcare providers of various sizes and specialties.

We utilize the latest technology to simplify medical office management and improve cash flow. Our medical billing service strengthens the link between physician and patient by eliminating billing errors and successfully navigating complex insurance claims. As a result, our clients experience fewer delays and denials, smoother cash flow, and improved revenue.

We are also the leading workers’ compensation billing and collection company in California. Our growth is a direct result of our accuracy, superior service, and attention to our client needs. We welcome new clients.

Industry News

Medicare Reporting and Returning of Self-Identified Overpayments

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has published a final rule that requires Medicare Parts A and B health care providers and suppliers to report and return overpayments by the later of the date that is 60 days after the date an overpayment was identified, or the due date of any corresponding cost report, if applicable. A separate final rule was published in the May 23, 2014 Federal Register (79 FR 29844) that addresses Medicare Parts C and D overpayments.


Our Advantage

We work with our clients to increase work flow efficiencies and ensure compliance with federal and state regulations. Our goal is to provide accurate billing and improved cash flow so our clients can focus on what they do best, provide quality care to their patients.

    • Our up to date compliance program strictly enforced by our corporate compliance officer
    • In depth analysis and suggestions to improve performance and custom report capabilities
    • Revenue Cycle Management professionals and certified coders on staff
    • Full access dashboard for access to your financial data 24 hours a day
    • We engage your patients with professional communication and statements
    • Implementation managers to assist your practice with the process of outsourcing


At MBC Systems, everything flows from our core values of Integrity, Service, Excellence and Passion. We search constantly for motivated, success-driven people who rise to the challenge of contributing to their own on-going growth and success while contributing to ours.

For inquiries please email with attached resume.

 David Conrad


MBC System’s president and Chief Executive Officer co-founded the company in 1993. Under his leadership, MBC Systems developed into California’s premiere medical billing company. Prior to co-founding MBC Systems, David Conrad served as the Vice President of Operations at AR Advantage, Inc., a subsidiary of DVI, Inc., a diversified financial service and consulting organization within the healthcare industry.

 Erica Weinstein-Galvez

Director of Operations

In her role as Director of Operations, Erica Weinstein-Galvez’s primary focus is on maximizing reimbursements through Workers’ Compensation Collections. Erica's process is to work closely with you, the MBC Systems client, by customizing your process for your practice based upon your specification to maximize your reimbursement. Over 15 years of experience in workers’ compensation collections, commercial insurance, and medical billing collections has provided her with the knowledge and expertise to help keep MBC Systems in the fore-front of the medical billing service field.

 Davin Huch

Information Technology Manager

Davin Huch earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Information and Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine. He began working with MBC Systems in 2009 and, in 2012, was named the Information Technology Manager. In this position, Davin directs, develops, and delivers technological solutions in order to advance MBC System’s goals of providing user friendly, and efficient software to drive effective medical billing services.

 Jennifer Ehlers

Collection Manager

With over 20 years of experience in the medical field, Jennifer Ehlers came to MBC Systems with vast experience in managing all aspects of a medical office, from patient intake to medical billing and collections. She joined MBC Systems in 2004 and took on the Collections Manager role in 2013. Jennifer has knowledge of several specialties including oncology, orthopedics, internal medicine, and is highly proficient in revenue cycle management principles.

 Kimmie Le

Client Services

Kimmie Le worked with MBC Systems since 1998, working in a variety of positions including a number medical billing service roles. In her current role of human resource manager, is responsible for taking care of MBC Systems’ most valuable asset – the people who carry out the day-to- day operations.

 Tina Plascencia

Billing Manager

As the Billing Manager at MBC Systems, Tina Plascencia is responsible for streamlining the billing processes while ensuring quality control for outgoing billing. Tina joined MBC Systems in 2001, and since that time she developed expertise in all aspects of medical billing services, including the updated ICD-10 and CPT coding. In addition to managing the day-to- day billing operations, Tina is responsible for tracking and ensuring compliance with relevant industry changes.

 Vince Cartelli

Hearing Department Manager

Vince Cartelli earned a Juris Doctor degree from St. John’s University School of Law in New York. MBC Systems recruited Vince Cartelli from a law firm where he worked as a lien specialist and hearing representative. At MBC Systems, Vince is responsible for managing MBC System’s WCAB hearing representatives for workers’ compensation collections, as well as the in-house hearing department.

  • MBC Solutions

  • Our use of an integrated strategic approach in conjunction with a knowledgeable staff and precise work flow management has empowered us to maximize accuracy and productivity in billing insurance companies, thus generating optimum results.

    All physicians, surgeons, hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers need accurate coding for proper payments. MBC has Certified Coders to ensure our clients compliance.

    Maximize revenue, reduce expenses, increase collections, and improve efficiency of your medical practice, MBC Systems medical billing company is the solution. Our mass production model, allows us to get claims out accurately and quickly, which results in stable cash flow.

    We have sophisticated systems in place for claims follow up, denial management, and patient portion recovery, which allows us to identify and solve issues immediately, and get the bills paid accordingly.

    We have a credentialing specialist with 23 years of successful contracting for MBC providers, which includes Commercial, Medicare and Worker’s Compensation Medical Provider Networks.

    MBC Systems Business Intelligence Reporting and Analytics module analyzes data by specifying reporting parameters and monitoring key performance indicators allowing our clients to have a thorough analysis of their practice’s financial and operational health.

    Our medical billing service has had 23 years’ experience with all EMR software in the market. MBC’s Systems EMR software works simultaneously with our Revenue Cycle Management system, which gives us the ability to interface workflow more easily and ensure complete transparency between our offices.

    MBC Systems also has an enhanced appointment scheduler that works directly with our medical billing software. We offer full in house training for any clients who utilize this service.

    MBC Systems has an in depth understanding on the reality of authorization struggles; with our medical billing service experts, we can provide guidance, support, and tips to ensure a successful authorization process for Commercial and/or Workers Compensation patients.

    MBC Systems extensive production model, and expertise proper reimbursement, will ensure that the time frames to appeal are met, and the outcome is favorable for our providers.

    Submitted thousands of successful reviews for additional payment, which results in more money for our clients, and set’s precedence in the industry on behalf of your practice, that you will fight for each additional fee owed.

    We have expert hearing representatives at all local California Worker’s Compensation Appeals Boards allowing us to have fulltime coverage for any and all legal matters at the boards on your behalf.

  • Worker's Compensation